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Revolutionising Orthopaedics with AI

World’s first Evidence Based Generative AI for Orthopaedics built on LLM and Cognitive search model

Ortho Ai

About us

OrthoAI is tailored for orthopaedic surgeon to be a live 24x 7 surgical companion that can be accessed anytime and can be asked any question.

OrthoAI is an Evidence based and Experience-enhanced AI generative model that is primed with cognitive search. It provides insights based on the latest peer reviewed articles from Pubmed and from specially designed datasets to provide Evidence-based answers.

How to Use OrthoAI ?

OrthoAI is based on LLM model [like chatGpt] with a refined cognitive search. Prompting or asking questions to OrthoAI is as simple as asking question to a colleague or to a mentor however following rules will help extract best outcome

  1. When asking a clinical question describe the case in details with patient demography, duration and progress of symptoms, diagnosis and radiological findings

  2. When asking about surgical procedure, describe the query in details to get specific answer

  3. For students, when asking answers for theory questions, please specify word counts and also sections

  4. When asking a review of an article, put full title of the article in the query

Our benefits at a glance

Predictive Analytics

By utilising predictive analytics, Ortho AI helps in anticipating patient needs and outcomes, thereby significantly improving the accuracy of treatments and reducing complications.


Ortho AI leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to streamline workflow efficiencies, reducing the time clinicians spend on administrative tasks and allowing more focus on patient care.

Continuous Learning

The integration of Ortho AI into clinical practices offers continuous learning opportunities, as the system updates its algorithms based on the latest research and clinical data.

Our team of professionals

Dr Parag Sancheti


Dr Ashok Shyam


Dr Neeraj Bijlani


Mr Amit Yedurkar

Tech Team

Mr Rohan Lunawat

Tech Team

Mr Sushant Rathi

Tech Team

What our users are saying

“Ortho AI has revolutionized how we approach patient care. The precision and speed of diagnosis have never been better”

Dr. Emily Stanton, Orthopedic Surgeon

“Implementing Ortho AI in our clinic has significantly improved our treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction levels.”

Dr. Michael Thompson, Orthopedic Specialist

“Thanks to Ortho AI, our team collaboration has soared to new heights, making complex cases more manageable and less stressful”

Dr. Richard Wu, Spine Surgeon

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